McDuling Motors Volkswagen

The Genuine AutoMotion Maintenance Plan covers all costs associated with your scheduled services, repairs of defective components and wear and tear items that need to be replaced, excluding tyres

* Volkswagen Genuine Maintenance plans are tailor-made to suit your Volkswagen. These AutoMotion Plans either come standard or can be taken as an option, extension or an upgrade on your current plan.

What are my options?

From: 5-Year/60,000km to 7 Years/200,000km

When am I able to extend?

You are able to extend your Maintenance plan at point of purchase or while your existing maintenance plan is still active. You may extend in increments of 20,000km and /or annual increments.

What are the benefits for me?

  • Services are covered as per schedule
  • Repairs of Defective Components
  • Wear and Tear items that need to be replaced
  • Free Roadside assistance
  • Maintains the Value of your Volkswagen


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