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The Genuine AutoMotion Service Plan covers all costs associated with your scheduled services, including parts and labour.

*Volkswagen Genuine Service plans are tailor-made to suit your Volkswagen. These AutoMotion Plans either come standard or can be taken as an option, extension or an upgrade on your current plan.

What are my options?

From: 5-Year/ 60,000km to a maximum of 7 Years/ 210,000km

When can I extend?

At any point in your journey with Volkswagen, even if your standard plan has expired. You are able to extend your plan in increments of 15,000km and/or annual increments.

Benefits of a Volkswagen Genuine Service Plan:

  • Services can be purchased at any time while vehicle is under 7 years/210,000km
  • Protection against inflation of parts prices
  • Maintains the value of your Volkswagen
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