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Read what a few of our happy customers have to say about the excellent service they received at our dealership. At McDuling Motors Volkswagen, we strive to not only leave our customers satisfied but with a big smile on their faces.

Great service
Vipin Dayaljee

I love the service and the experience that I receive from this dealership.
Katleho Motaung

Awesome service... Thank you
Lucky Madia

The service at McDuling is exceptional, always professional!!!
Olivia Moloi

I Would like to commend you and your ENTIRE team at McDuling Motors for the excellent service i have received.

I purchased 2 Golf 7 GTI one in 2016 and 1 in 2017 from Vw Lenasia and i cannot begin to tell you the uphill and problems i had with them, i also went to Vw Braamfontein and had a huge fight with them because of their “Don’t Care Attitude” On tuesday morning i called Llewellyn and explained to him the issues i was experiencing, he explained everything to me in detail and was very pleasant on the phone, he told me before end of business day he will contact me to let me know when i can book the vehicle in. i actually forgot about it, but before 5pm he called and told me earliest they can sort out the vehicle is on Thursday i agreed and said i will make the booking. I called on Wednesday and spoke to Melony we agreed that i will leave the car overnight and the technician's will start with it 1st thing thursday morning. I got to your dealership and your guard directed me in(he was also very pleasant) i met with Melony who introduced me to Lebo. Lebo had all the paper work ready and i just had to sign. Thursday morning she called and we discussed the costs involved in replacing the battery, i gave the go ahead and maybe 2 hours later she called to inform me the car was ready . I got to your dealership at around 2pm got my invoices from Alex(i think thats his name) went to the cashier paid,went back to alex, my car was cleaned and waiting for me,drove out with a big smile. My apologies for the long email, i am just really impressed and happy with the level of service i received and i will now only deal with Mcdulings Booysens. Whatever management is doing in that dealership is really working and it is noticeable. Keep up the good work, and all the best. Thank you for the great service. Kind Regards Uzzi Jhetam

Good day Natasha.

I would like to thank McDuling Motors Volkswagen and specifically Muhummad Essop for his exceptional service. He really went out of his way to make me happy. The deal was fair and honest and the service provided was exceptional.

This is the second new car I have bought from McDulings Motors and both times I left the dealership being happy and satisfied. I will definitely recommend your Dealership to my family and friends and looking forward to working with you in the future.
Many thanks and Kind Regards

Dalton Appolis

Good day Isaiah.

First off, thank you for the awesome day on Saturday, hope the launch was as successful for you as it was a pleasure for us.

I need to bring to your attention the amazing and professional service of Teveshan, from the first phone call I made to him it has been no less than superb! Right from that phone call I have been made to feel as if I’m purchasing a Rolls Royce. Nothing, but nothing has been too much trouble, all my questions were able to be answered professionally and with ease, even after hours. Teveshan has taken the time to familiarise himself intently on the VW brand, very professional.

Teveshan made himself more than a sales person, he made himself a friend.

The buck doesn’t stop at Teveshan, it certainly started there. The entire staff at McDullings were amazing, a big shout out to all! I’m only purchasing a VW Caddy but you yourself as a dealer principle came and introduced yourself to me, some of the technicians introduced themselves as well and other sales staff, staff at another dealership I enquired at didn’t even greet me. A shout out to Rene, Mavine and Jeffry, always friendly always smiling. Looking at all the staff I met, they were all happy and friendly, staff are not happy and friendly when working for poor and unfair management, well done to you too Isaiah!! You have an awesome team! I categorically state that any dealings I or my family need to do with any VW product will only be done at McDullings! I live in Kempton Park a good 40km (at least), I have a dealership less than 5km from my office but id rather drive that 40km to McDullings to have my car serviced (should the deal go through) I am now anxiously awaiting approval and really praying Teveshan and you finance guy can work their magic. There is a small problem with the application that may stop the deal. Thank you so much for everything. Excellance

Quinton Jones

Good Morning, I am drafting this email to say Thank you to Natasha Bastian for all her assistance and also going the extra mile to assist me and my wife with our vehicle purchases. Natasha has shown what it means to be a person of caliber as she did not just focus on the sale but her after sales services is what is key in any purchase. She ensured I was comfortable with the deal and also went out of her way to ensure the deal happens and I takedeliver on the date I requested. I am was to purchase a Mercedes Benz but because of the service and assistance I received from this lady I changed my mind. Natasha Thank you for taking all my sms and emails and assisting me when you were on leave with your family on vacation.
Kind Regards

Dimple Narsi

Hi, I would to bring to your attention of the EXCELLENT service I received from Natasha. She was very friendly and professional and did her utmost best to make sure that I was comfortable and happy with the deal that she offered me. She was on the ball at all times and stuck to her promises. VW The Glen phoned meon Fridayto say I must cancel the deal with Natasha and that they will give me a better deal. I could not do it because I DONT think they couldve given me better service than what I have received from Natasha. Please make sure she recieves the recognition she deserves. BIG THUMBS UP TO HER...
Kind Regards

Germaine Turton

Good day

I just want to thank the Mcduling service team for the great service I had recently. I would like to thank Llewellyn in particular who went out of his way to assist me with major repairs to my vehicle and doing so in a manner that fitted in with my schedule. Servicing a car extremely disruptive a arrangement need to be made for children's school run, work etc. My car had to return to the dealership after its 90 000km service for further repairs. Llewellyn was extremely helpful in agreeing to pick the car up from my work and dropping it off once done. All with a big smile.
My car was returned looking and smelling as good as new. I will definately be using your facilities for my next service. Kind Regards

Ross Linstrom

Hi Nicky

Your service was outstanding, to say the least. I have made a few attempts at purchasing a vehicle and none of the other dealers have made it as simple as you have made it for me. I have even considered rent to buy options, some of which did not go according to plan.
One of the things which set you apart from all of the other dealers is your friendly nature and your ability make the buyer feel like the vehicle is already their. This establishes trust, which is very important when one is making a decision as big as purchasing a second hand vehicle. I did not feel like I was being conned. There are plenty of shady dealers out there and one cannot be too cautious.
I would like to commend you on the speed at which you dealt with this transaction. Despite the delay caused by the other purchaser, you were able to make arrangements for the vehicle to reach me in a short space of time.
I was impressed when I saw that the car was serviced and clean despite it being a second hand vehicle. You even went the extra mile by explaining to me some of the vehicle's components and attending to the registration of the vehicle.
I can not help but to feel a certain level of trust and that is what I will base my recommendations on when I meet someone who is looking to purchase a vehicle.
I think the only way in which you can improve is by consolidating the documentation which one is required to sign, where possible. I signed so many documents, I think if you had slipped a document into the bundle in terms of which the signee signs his/her life away, I would have placed my signature on that one too lol.
Thank you for your assistance.
I hope to purchase another vehicle from your dealership in the future.

Kind Regards

Andrew Sibiya

Hi Nicky,

Thanks a lot for taking me through my very first purchase of a very nice decent car, you been encouraging me and assuring me all the time since i was in such a rush but all thanks to you i had a little patience and finally it paid out. You have been a darling professionally through out this deal, and the tips you gave, very applicable and helpful. And for checking on me afterwards the deal came, you are so caring about your customers Nicky wish I could take you for lunch. (hahaha).I rate you 10/10 Nicky. Easy to work with and very friendly.


Thanks again Nicky
Best Wishes,

Good Morning,
Just wanted to say thank you to both of you for all your hardwork and making it happen for me. Also thank you for all your co-operation towards me I really appreciate it. I almost lost hope with the other dealers but you people gave me the hope and encouragement for everything. Also thank you for taking all my calls whenever I needed you people both of you were always there. Natasha thanks for the wonderful service you have given me and Lester you as well made it happen for me. The car is awesome just like both of you.
Nazeera Muhammad

Hi Mr Lynn,
I bought a new VW Polo last week from McDuling Motors and just wanted to let you know how extremely happy I am with everything. The car is fantastic and the service from your staff (Natasha and Nicole) was just excellent! They went out of their way to help me and get things sorted and maintained contact throughout the process. I was so impressed with both ladies and how efficiently they handled things. I felt like I was buying a luxury car!
Kind regards,

Good day to both of you.
I want to say thank you for all that you have done in order to get Delisha's tyre sorted out.It is a great pleasure dealing with you. You'll really make great Sales people and it's been great liaising with you. NB : Going forward your advice on tyres for the future
Kind regards
Ramoo Naidoo

Good day
I bought a car from your Booysens branch, and I would like to thank Sue and Fadia on their excellent service. I had a lot of issues with the bank and they stuck through to get me a deal.
They even came up with a plan so I can get the car I wanted in 4 months’ time. They were prompt and did go the extra mile. I don’t know how you reward your staff but at the least they deserve a personal thank you. I intend to stay with VW and my next one will defiantly be from you guys again.
Kind regards

Good morning Riche
Trust you are well ,I would just like to bring to your attention the great service I received from one of your very professional and helpful sales executives Shannon Thompson.
Upon deciding that I want to trade in my 2011 polo vivo trend line I approached a number of dealerships who just kept on dragging their feet and was not helpful at all this all came to an end as soon as I met Shannon who kept me in the loop every step of the way and was on the ball and very efficient. There was no hiccups and all went well ,Shannon even went the extra mile of delivering the vehicle for me after working hours on the 11th as the 12th was my birthday.
Shannon is truly an asset to your company and will definitely take your sales team to greater HEIGHTS!
Kind regards,
Rikash Hansraj

Good Day Everyone
I’d just like to take the opportunity to commend Natasha Bastian for the excellent service rendered during the purchase of my new vehicle. She displayed so much guidance and patience throughout the process whilst I wrestled over the decision as to vehicle would best suit both my needs and my budget. I found her to be extremely friendly, helpful and available to answer any and all of my queries as they arose and she really is such an asset to your organization. She has a warmth and sincerity which is very rare in the Sales industry and I trusted her every step of the way. have referred many friends and family members to your branch already due to my positive experience there and I’m 100% delighted with my new car, not to mention all the compliments I’ve received on it’s beauty
So thanks you again Natasha……..because of you I made the right decision the first time around and I won’t forget this in a hurry
: -)
Lerell Marshoff

Good day,
We purchased a new Polo Vivo from Natasha a week ago and the process was the best I’ve ever experienced! She kept us informed through the whole process from finance, when the vehicles was delivered to your dealership, when and how the extras were installed etc. We collected the vehicle on Saturday and she made everything a breeze… even took some photos and emailed them to me.
I called her later on Saturday because I found a small scratch on the bumper and I was expecting a dispute but she handled it as if it was her personal vehicle. My car will be coming in tomorrow to have this fixed and another small issue but besides this, her service has been nothing but perfect. I would gladly recommend anyone to your dealership and in particular Natasha because this type of service is what puts companies on the map!
The slogan “a package tailor made for you” seems to be a myth but after dealing to Nicole, this myth has disappeared. Well done Natasha and Nicole… you are a super team and I know all the customers you’ll be helping in the future, will second my experience.
Duane McPherson

Dear Sir/Madam
I want you to know you have an exceptional sales person, Justice Mahashe from Mcdulings Booysens I never saw such good customer service in my life I’m even scared to go buy a car from any dealership because I know I will never get such customer service in this world. We first bought our Golf 6 with Mcduling , we then bought Amarok and we recently bought Golf VII but the service from Justice does not change. We recently wanted a test drive for a VW Kombi which we consider buying and he went an extra mile for us to get the car. If the quality of a firm's employees is an indication of future success, then Mcduling VW has a very bright future. Justice Mahashe is an asset to your organization and is part of the reason we look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thank you thank you Justice keep up the good work.
Kind regards
Aphiwe Sukude

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